Satanic and Luciferian Athames and Daggers

Throughout the history of modern Ritual Magick practice, from Luciferian Witchcraft, Chaos Magic, Satanic Magic, Black Magick or Wicca there has been a strong indication that the Dagger or Athame has a role in magickal creation - formation of the primal body of man, shadow which is meaning to initate the his or herself. There are various types of daggers or athames used - made from wood, stone or metal. The primal foundation of turning the blade from oneself outward indicates the path of self-determination and the casting of the circle of Cain. Here we see the indication of the connection of Magick to Cain or the Watchers of lore.

The following daggers are meant for Ritual Use - Athames - for high Luciferian Magick (Azal'ucel, Luciferian Angel Rituals, Watchers, Nephillim, etc) for casting the circle or focus on inner workings. Barbarous Evokation Daggers are meant for Goetic and Yatukan/Ahrimanic Sorcery workings which involve spirits and servitors. Cast it forth as the Blade of Cain and the power of the Will. These blades are perfect for Luciferian Witchcraft practitioners, Chaos Sorcery, Satanists or general Darkside Magick initiates.

Egyptian Cartouche Athame
Celtic War Dagger
Damascus Raider Dagger
Hecate Pentegram Athame
Pentagram Athame with Crystal gems with Luciferian Consecration Ritual
Elemental Pentagram Athame
Egyptian Athame
Leviathan Bone Athame
Azazel Goat Bone Ritual Athame w/ Consecration Ritual
Yatukih Human Bone Rib Dagger Athame
Medieval Satanic Black Hilt Athame with Daemonic Ritual of Consecration
Willow Wood Athame with Luciferian Cain Ritual Consecration
QAYIN - Cain Bone Athame
7"  Black Handled Athame w/ Luciferian Daemonic Invocation
Wood Handle 6" Athame w/ Luciferian consecration
Sabbatic Goat 7" Brown Handled Athame with Baphomet-Luciferian Ritual Print
Greco-Roman Mars Athame
Samhain Crescent Moon Athame
Greek God Short Sword
Black Magician's Dark Athame
Triple Moon Pentagram Athame
Balanced Pagan Earth Athame