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The Origins of Easter By Michael W. Ford for the Luciferian Apotheca

Easter was derived from the German Eostre, the goddess of the dawn—a bringer of light. English and German are in the minority of languages that use a form of the word Easter to mark the holiday. Elsewhere, the observance is framed in Latin pascha, which in turn is derived from the Hebrew pesach, meaning of or associated with Passover. Ostara/Eostre was an...

  • August 11, 2017
  • Michael Ford
  • May 09, 2017
  • Michael Ford
  • March 23, 2017
  • HM Wayman

10 year Anniversary

10 years ago in 2007 The Luciferian Apotheca began its humble beginnings. The idea came from a conversation about ritual tools and the lack Luciferian and Satanic related items. Michael said that throughout his 14 years as a practicing Luciferian , he found it difficult to find items directly related to the Left Hand Path.  Most magickal offerings were Wiccan...

The Day of Ahriman and Luciferian Sorcery by Michael W. Ford

Within the lore and symbolism of the various paths of Luciferianism, a date of ancient Zoroastrian origin holds considerable value to recognizing the power of challenge in nature. The path of ancient Persian sorcery or witchcraft, known in Pahlavi as 'yatukdinoih' is celebrated as self-liberation and empowerment from restrictive dogma of monotheism. In the dualism of Zoroastrianism, the Adversary known...