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Author of over 24 books, Michael W. Ford is a leading Luciferian visionary and Left-Hand Path Adept and Magician. Ford’s publications are both tomes of magical instruction and academic research to provide the history, lore and modern practices within Luciferianism. These published grimoires unveil the Luciferian Tradition, founded upon a rational philosophy contained in the “11 Luciferian Points of Power”. Each book is envisioned by Michael as possessing a patron spirit or energy which if approached seriously by the reader, can inspire the gateway of the imagination and authentic esoteric initiation.

Luciferian Philosophy is an adaptable foundation of Left-Hand Path Magick and Spirituality, presented in each book. Each publication presents a deeply researched, developed and refined initiatory teachings which reveal the real nature of “forbidden” Magick including Luciferian, Satanic, Dark Pagan, Black Witchcraft and Vampyre teachings within the Left-Hand Path. Mr. Ford’s books have been translated and published in Spanish, French, Italian, German and Serbian. Luciferianism is not a “trend” or “fad”; it is an actualized philosophy and initiatory path in which the individual may feel free to explore and practice similar esoteric teachings and traditions as he or she chooses.

Michael, whose magical name is Akhtya, is also a composer and recording artist. His work includes the dark ritualistic ambient AKHTYA, black metal American pioneer project BLACK FUNERAL, dark industrial and black metal VALEFOR, satanic black ambient ritual project, DARKNESS ENSHROUD and a member of the Vampyric Black Metal band STRIGOII and the Vampyric Dark Ritual project AKHKHARU. Akhtya is also the vocalist for the Italian black metal project ATRA MORS. Previous works include the medieval ritual music project HEXENTANZ, the ritualistic Industrial band PSYCHONAUT 75 also.

Michael along with Hopemarie Ford are the founders of the Luciferian Apotheca and Succubus Productions.

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